Paliidziet, luudzu!
Zinu, ka taa nav pieklaajigi un iepeejams nevietaa.. bet esmu sprukaas..
internetaa ir atrodami tik maz resursi par saatanistieem.. bet riit man jaanodot plasha prezentaacija par vinjiem..
bet neko nevaru atrast :( NERAZJA
varbuut buusiet tik laipni un kko man pastaastiisies man par jaunieshiem, kas pieveershas saatanismam..
kaads ir geerbsanaas stils
dziives stils
muuzika kuru klausas saatanisti!
Komentāri sakārtoti pēc to ievadīšanas datuma
Nju neesiet tik skeptiski!
Neprasiitu to ja wareetu iztikt!
viņi ir baigi sātaniski, nu, ģērbjas sātaniski, dzīvo sātaniski un klausās sātanisku mūziku.
Viss, ko Tava sirsniņa vēlas ir Googles tantes vēderā
Es tev atradu titula bildi.
nezināju, ka Googles tantes vēderā ir sātans, bet viss, kas lakrusai atliek ir -
:D :D
nā, muļķības, titulbilde ir šitā - riktīg mels velns
Bļa, ku labi saskan ar thunder bildi :D :D
Mjaaa.. aspraatiigi gan jus esat bezgala!

a ko noziimee "pirksti gaisaa"
skatos, ka shur tur googlee pie saatanistiem shis simbols uzraadas!
a kas saskan ar manu bildi? :D
Gribēju šo to iemest par alķīmiju un haosa maģiju un Kabalu galu galā (tādēļ ka kristieši kā žīdītāju meditāciju to uzskata par zaimošanu?). Aber tu domā par jauniešiem, kas lielās, ka viņi ir sātanisti? Jo ja tā, tad viņi noteikti nav :D Kurš underground darbonis ies to publiski klaigāt?
es atradu kaut ko, kas tev palīdzēs:
"muuzika kuru klausas saatanisti! "

tā kā Lavejs Sātana baznīcu izveidoja 1966. gadā, tad pieļauju, ka viņš klausījās Bītlus.
es jav nobeidzu prezentaaciju..
taa arii uzraxtiiju, ka patiesi saatanisma pieriteeji neiet visiem ziimeeties, ka taadi ir...
a tie kas taa dara.. droshi vien to visu padariishanu neuztwer tik nopietni, kaa vajadzeetu.. vienkaarshi grib paziimeeties un padizoties citu aciis..
^ Malacīte.

Anglo-American Satanists

The best-organized Satanist forces operating presently inside the United States include the following prominent organizations:


This is the leading, putatively respectable Britain-based Satan cult (it worships Lucifer). The Lucis Trust, which runs the only religious chapel at the New York United Nations headquarters, The Temple of Understanding, was originaly founded as the Lucifer Trust, in London, in 1923. The Lucis Trust associated with the UNO is the New York affiliate of the British organization. The name was changed from Lucifer Trust, to Lucis Trust, to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous.

The Lucis Trust's leading sponsors include the following prominent figures:

Henry Clausen, Supreme Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, Southern District Scottish Rite Freemasons Norman Cousins John D. Rockefeller IV The Rockefeller Foundation The Marshall Field family Robert McNamara Thomas Watson (IBM, former US Ambassador to Moscow) The United Lodge of Theosophists of New York City U. Alexis Johnson, former Undersecretary of State Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum, American Jewish Committee

Prominent front-organizations sponsored by the Lucis Trust, include the following:

The Theosophical Order of Service (founded by Annie Besant in1908) The Theosophical Society (founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875) The United Nations Association The World Wildlife Fund UK The Findhorn Foundation Greenpeace International Greenpeace USA Amnesty International The Nicholas Roerich Society (chief connection to Russian mysticism, spirituality) The Anthroposophs of Rudolf Steiner The Rudolf Steiner School [these could not be genuine followers of Steiner] UNESCO UNICEF The American Friends Service Committee


This is today's best-known of the hard-core, British-based Satanist cults. Like the Lucis Trust, the OTO is a direct off-shoot of the work of Britain's leading twentieth-century Satanist, Theosophy leader Aliester Crowley. OTO enthusiasts claim this organization is an offshoot of Templar freemasonry, and hint at very influential protection from among Templars very high in British freemasonry.


The WICCA cult came to the surface early during the post-war period, as a legalized association for the promotion of witchcraft. It is the leading publicly known international association of witches in the world today.

In the United States, WICCA's outstanding sponsor is the New York Anglican (Episcopal) diocese, under Bishop Paul Moore. Officially, New York's Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine has promoted the spread of WICCA witchery through its Lindisfarne center. The late Gregory Bateson conducted such an operation out of the Lindisfarne center during the 1970s.

No later than the 1970s, and perhaps still today, the crypt of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, is the headquarters for solemn ceremonies of the British (Venerable) Order of Malta. Key figures, such as Gregory Bateson's former spouse, Dame Margaret Mead, associated with that British order, have been associated with projects in support of the Satanist "Age of Aquarius" cause.

For obvious reasons, U.S. witches have chosen Salem, Massachusetts, as their national center. One of the most important operations of these witches is their coordination of the hardcore of U.S. astrology rackets.


The "Age of Aquarius," or "New Age," is the generic name adopted by the modern Satanist movement. The best-publicized among the founders of the Age of Aquarius movement include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Alex Muenthe (of Capri notoriety), and Aleister Crowley. Most Aquarians trace the origins of modern Satanism to Nietzsche and Crowley.

Anti-Christ cultist Nietzsche announced that the twentieth century would see the end of the Age of Pisces, which Aquarians associate with the figures of Socrates and Christ; Nietzsche prophesied that the New Age would be the Age of Aquarius, which he identified with the Satanic figure Dionysos. Crowley announced himself publicly a devotee of Nietzsche's New Age cult in his Vienna Theosophy magazine, near the beginning of this century, and indicated as his preferred choice of name for Satan.

Among hard-core insiders, the New Age models its dogma on the Magis' cult of Mithra, as Nietzsche did. The cult has notable affinities to the Bulgarian-Cathar Bogomil cult(from which the slang term "buggery" is derived). The New Age's most celebrated historical figure, its choice for the original "incarnation" of the Anti-Christ, is the Roman Emperor Tiberius who ordered the execution of Christ. [Some Roman emperors, most notably Caligula, became possessed by being initiated without being suitably prepared.] Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering were among the notable figures who followed this cult.

The best-known coordinating-center for the Age of Aquarius project in the U.S.A. today is Palo Alto, California's Stanford Ressearch Institute, whose Willis Harman is the relevant leading personality. See Harman disciple Marilyn Feruguson's 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy for a popular exposition of Harman's views and program for subversion of the United States. Ferguson is accurate when she reports that the Fabian Society's H.G. Wells (World War I boss of British intelligence) is a key figure of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Also key are Wells' ally, Bertrand Russell, and such Russell cronies as Robert M. Hutchins (Chicago University, Ford Foundation, Fund for the Republic, Aspen Institute, and the project).

Both Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson were close collaborators of Russell and Hutchins from no later than 1938. The brothers, Aldous (Hollywood) and Julian (UNO) Huxley were collaborators of H. G. Wells, and were recruited to Crowley's Satanist cult during the late 1920s.


Since the launching of the Beatles as an international project via TV in 1963, "rock" has been the most influential recruiter to Satanism. Rock was created, and is still coordinated by Crowley's followers and by the OTO network, in cooperation with WICCA. It is, not so incidentally, also the Satanist's biggest money-maker, and believed to provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide.

There is nothing spontaneous or accidental about "rock." It is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult of Satan-Dionysos, the model for the Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics. Crowley's control of the "rock industry" has been documented by a team of [private] investigators, who have also noted, that in addition to the Satanist lyrics, Satanist messages embedded sublimally in rock recordings are a key feature of this subversive operation.

The "rock rythm" itself is copied from the old Dionysian-Bacchic cults. Even without the drugs and sexual orgies which are characteristic features of hard-core rock affairs, repeated,frequent, hours-long exposure to constant repetition of "rock rythms" produces lasting, drug-like effects on the mind of the victim. Reducing sexual practices to the level of bestiality,is a crucial feature of Satanism in all historical periods studied, from Phrygian Cybele-Dionysos cult-period onward.

From western continental Europe, among the threats to the U.S. from this quarter, the two leading open centers for hard-core Satanism today, are Turin, Italy (where actress ElizabethTaylor's "Live AIDS" project attempted to sponsor an aborted Satan-rock festival), and Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Satanist Mind

Satanists already have numerous victims. Most of the sexual and related atrocities perpetrated upon "disappeared" infants and other children, are done as part of the rituals outlined in manuals of Satanist organizations. A leading police association has received expert estimate, that of all known murders, one in five is a ritual murder, like the ritual London assassination of Italy's Roberto Calvi, perpetrated by members of Satanist cults. The "Son of Sam" murders in New York, and the Cobb County-based cult operations in the so-called "Atlanta child-murders," fit into this pattern.

Satanism is not "just another nutty occult fad." The mind of the Satanist is pure evil; the Satanist is a former person who has been transformed into something no longer human. It begins like drug-addiction; the prospective recruit to Satanism "gets into something" on a playful impulse, but then finds himself or herself gripped by compulsions which he or she can no longer control. Drugs and other special circumstances may be significant collateral features of the initiation, but not necesarily. The key is "letting oneself go," into the depths of acting-out impulses which combine sexual impulses and rage as a unity, and expressing this form of "pleasure" in the form of an act which violates an important precept of one's own conscience.

Nietzsche's writings, especially toward the last period of life preceding his mental breakdown, address these special sorts of emotions, and refer implicitly to terrible obscene acts as the prospective fulfilment of such impulses. Nietzsche recognized these impulses as Satanic --dionysiac-- in quality. [Dionysiac activity, or wild abandon, by itself leads to non-demonic possession. Becoming demonically possessed requires killing, torturing, or tormenting someone with a neutral or positive attitude.]

Ordinarily we think of the criminal mind as representing a person whose goals are based on "normal human impulses," but whose choice of means is immoral. Doing something illegal is not necessarily immoral; the useful definition of the criminal mind, is the person inclined to prefer immoral means as short-cuts to some goal usually not inconsistent with normal human impulses. ...
Nudie', kādam pēdējās dienās ļoti patīk trūmetālā uzjautrināties :)
Tizls vampīrisma topiks, tizls sātanisma topiks, jauni jūzeri, bobijkults...
mhm, pagaidi, nāks diena, kad cilvēki taujās pēc padoma kā kļūt par īstu gōtu un vai slipknot ir sātanisti!
Nākotnē arī būs sadaļa, true metal izglītošana.
^ nebūtu slikti.
Uhh, baisi.
Noderētu truemetal kurss ortogrāfijā un interpunkcijā.
Advancētākiem lietotājiem iespēja apgūt slash rotācijas funkciju, lai varētu pielietot horns up sign m/
Kretīni vairojas
Nu kā, sātanisti ir gōti un metālisti. Visi bez izņēmuma. Bet ne tikai. Sātanisti arī ir tie, kas ģērbjās melnā. Sātanisti regulāri staigā pa kapiem, veic vandāļaktus un uzšķērž pa mincītim laiku pa laikam un pēctam viens otru smeŗē ar asinīm. Pēctam seko drāšanās grupveidā. Sātanisti nesvin ziemassvētkus un lieldians un citus svētkus. Sātanisti pat nesvin ne savas ne kāda tuva cilvēka dzimšanas dienu. Vienīgais ko viņi svin ir Sv. Šniceles piemiņas diena, kas ir viņu garīgais līderis. Pēctam seko drāšanās grupveidā. Es un mana meitene esam sātanisti, tāpēc, ka man plauktā atrodas LaVeja grāmata un viņai arī. Un mans kaimiņš arī ir sātanists, jo viņš lasa Alberta Dīrera noveli "Sātana Bībele". Principā mēs esam slepens kults, kas grib pārņemt pasauli un okupēt vatikānu. Un pēctam sekos drāšanās grupveidā...
un kamdēļ sātanisti nav ar likumu izskausti?

Jo tieši sātanisti ir tie kas uztur pie dzīvības alus (u.c.grādīgā) ražotājus un bez tiem mūsu mīļās tēvijas ekonomika kārtējo reizi dabūtu pisienu pa pautiem/pīzdu
ekkk, tā grupveida drāzne nebūtu slikti. A kaķus šķērst negribu.

Un vispār, tik garus palagus nedrīkst likt! Un viss ir jāpārtulko uz latvju valodu tā, lai bērniņš var uzreiz copy/paste projektā! Gūglē angliski ir daudz kas, bet iztulkots nav :(
Ble, es visu jautrību esmu nokavējis? Visu jau bez manis izrunājāt? Doh....
Vislielākā sātaniste ir Madonna: kur tik neuzstājas - katoļi lec no sutanām ārā, lai aizliegtu. m/
Tagad atcerējos - XX gs. 90-to gadu sākumā bija tāda popmūzikas grupa MYSTERIOUS ART, manuprāt, pēc stilistikas & noskaņas stipri vilka uz sātanisko fišku :)
Lakrusa tas bij ļoti nopietni :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Kartejais sviests...
Es te biš aizrāvos ar lasīšanu.

ble! :)


Baa... es jau cereeju, ka tur buus visu to graamatu pilnie teksti, nevis tikai konspekti.
A pilnās grāmatas pdf formātā reku man Janka sakās esam dabūjis. Bet tas konspektu variants arī labs. Pati esence. Bet nu diezgan jumtrāvīgi, kā jau bija gaidāms.
ā, samuldējos, nevis pdf, bet worda doc. Sakās esot kaut kādā krievu lapā uzgājis. To ir vērts pameklēt.
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