Rap = Black Metal :)
Are rap and black metal alike?

Rap: Obsessed with "keeping it real", an arbitrary set of rules
Black metal: Obsessed with "staying true", an arbitrary set of rules

Rap: Band members with fake names
Black metal: Band members with fake names

Rap: Complaints about oppression from white Christians
Black metal: Complaints about oppression from white Christians

Rap: Overly concerned with making money
Black metal: Overly concerned with not making money

Rap: Cheesy synthesizers
Black metal: Cheesy synthesizers

Rap: Barely in English
Black metal: Barely in English

Rap: Strong feelings about God
Black metal: Strong feelings about God

Rap: Black skin
Black metal: Black leather

Rap: 100 guest appearances on every album
Black metal: 100 side projects by every band member

Rap: Musicians arrested for murder
Black metal: Musicians arrested for murder

Rap: Closed-minded fanbase
Black metal: Closed-minded fanbase

Rap: Very expensive tennis shoes
Black metal: Very expensive leather boots

Rap: Imagery containing dogs
Black metal: Imagery containing wolves

Rap: Negative portrayals of whites
Black metal: Negative portrayals of Jews

Rap: Rips off samples from pop music
Black metal: Rips off ideas from classical music

Rap: Videos with super-shiny floors and cars
Black metal: Videos with super-shiny swords

Rap: Imagery of the urban jungles
Black metal: Imagery of the bleak forests

Rap: Pride in geographic region
Black metal: Pride in geographic region

Rap: Pride in own race
Black metal: Pride in own race

Rap: Songs about hanging out
Black metal: Songs about hanging people

Rap: Overly concerned with appearance
Black metal: Overly concerned with appearance

Rap: High number of guys with either no hair or long hair
Black metal: High number of guys with either no hair or long hair

Rap: Vocal style masks lack of singing ability
Black metal: Vocal style masks lack of singing ability

Rap: Take pride in their (unintentionally) humorous lyrics
Black metal: Take pride in their (unintentionally) humorous lyrics

Rap: Musicians face accusations of selling out
Black metal: Musicians face accusations of selling out

Rap: Unusual interest in ancestry
Black metal: Unusual interest in ancestry

Rap: Videos with scantily-clad women
Black metal: Promo photos with scantily-clad women

Rap: Booty Calls are a common theme
Black metal: A Call To Arms is a common theme

Rap: Constantly drinking alcohol
Black metal: Constantly drinking alcohol

Rap: Axing people kweshuns
Black metal: Carrying battle axes

Rap: Bitching about being enslaved
Black metal: A bunch of bitches called Enslaved
Komentāri sakārtoti pēc to ievadīšanas datuma
50 Ways To Annoy A Metalhead

1. Tell them every metal band worships the devil.
2. Ask if all black metal bands are trying to copy KISS or just most of them.
3. Hide their joint under their library card.
4. Ask if they know of any other cool bands like Slipknot.
5. If they're listening to metal, tell them it sounds like some mainstream band. Doesn't matter who.
6. Say it's all a ripoff of Iron Butterfly anyway.
7. Ask if they've given their souls to Jesus yet.
8. Vaguely imply that you're gay and would like their company for the evening.
9. Record over their Cannibal Corpse albums with other Cannibal Corpse albums and see if they ever notice the difference.
10. Refuse to accept their fake I.D.
11. Ask how much Dio got paid for his role as Stuart Little.
12. Use the phrase "cookie monster vocals" and act like it's the funniest, most original thing you've ever come up with.
13. If they're listening to metal, tell them "These guys don't have talent. Now (insert any mainstream band here), those guys have talent!"
14. Say "What is vinyl?"
15. Point out how homosexual Manowar is. If they agree, tell them the only thing more homosexual is Black Sabbath with Dio.
16. Tell them it all sounds the same.
17. Admit that Cliff Burton was a dirty hippy who had already peaked musically.
18. If they say they love 80s metal, ask them what ever happened to Poison.
19. Tell them you like underground music too, like (insert the newest overhyped fashionable loud-ish band from the radio)
20. Point out that Tarja from Nightwish can't sing.
21. Insist that Emperor videos would be better if they used a dance troupe.
22. Ask if Mayhem is Marilyn Manson's band.
23. Divert their CD shipments to the local Jewish community center.
24. Write "God Loves You" on their Venom backpatch.
25. Point out that just about every genre of music has an underground with bands who have integrity, so metal really isn't that unique.
26. Post under their nickname on a power metal board and say Ray Alder nutss all over John Arch.
27. Take out the Iron Maiden disc and put in 50 Cent.
28. Give them a spiky pop-punk haircut while they sleep.
29. Pronounce "Celtic Frost" correctly.
30. If they're over 25, say that people can still rock even if they have an unplanned child or two and drive a grocery getter. Then point and laugh.
31. Tell them you're not hiring and to try the other Cinnabon down the street.
32. Sit quietly and applaud politely at a metal show.
33. Make them be sober for five whole seconds.
34. Ask if Randy Rhoads was on the same flight as John Denver.
35. Tell them Korn brought metal back to life in the 90s.
36. Turn the bass way up on their stereo.
37. Laugh at Slayer for stealing their name from the Buffy show.
38. Call Doro fat.
39. Call them on their horrible grammar and/or spelling.
40. Remind them that metal is partially derived from the blues. Then accuse them of being wiggers.
41. Use the phrase "balls in a vice" at least three times when talking about classic metal and/or power metal vocalists.
42. If it's a guy with long hair, address him as if he were female. Don't correct yourself about it.
43 .Be impressed with how much RoadRunner Records has improved over the past ten years.
44. Say you love Metallica's debut, The Black Album.
45. Notice that Lemmy hasn't moved his left hand in 30 years of playing bass.
46. Refer to metal as "that kill-your-father rape-your-mother stuff."
47. Ask them if their favorite band is so good, how come nobody has ever heard of them.
48. Pine for the good old days when Pour Some Sugar On Me was a big hit.
49. Tell them you used to be a metalhead, but grew out of it when you started listening to more intellectual stuff like (insert any band at all here)
50. Post a list of "Ways To Annoy Metal Fans" knowing full well that so many of them internalize everything and can't take a joke.

MORE SHIT: www.live4metal.com/cradleoffun.htm......
pirmo biju lasījis
otrajā par Lemiju baigi smieklīgs :D
Otrais bija lasīts. Eh- kopš tās pēdējās metal-disco ir sajūta, ka viss iet uz galu. Senāk zāle bija zaļāka un matainie mataināki. paliek vien vārīšanās ap true- ismu un ņīdēšana par kaut kādu grupu jaunākajiem albumiem, kas protams ir sūds un komercija salīdzinot ar the real stuf.

bet man liekas, te jau kaut kkur vīdēja links uz šitā koraksa plati

vispār neiesaku - izklausās baigi sūdaini, sāls ir tajā kā izskatās
Rap: Pēdējākais mēsls kaku laižas!
Black metal: īsta mžuika!
Mžuika :D nēē, bet mūzika
mžuika :D:D:D:D

Rap: Songs about hanging out
Black metal: Songs about hanging people

2. Ask if all black metal bands are trying to copy KISS or just most of them\

LOL, mekleeju gan tos 10 smiekliigaakos feisus + apdeitus, paliidz, eu

nu kas ir nevar neviens pretii panaakt, pasniegt paliidziig rock, iepaunot nefolk, nu, man tak nezinaas kaadi keywordi tur bij, silly faces neiet caur, ko nu, eh, esmu viilies (emo)
Nu bl, par to, ka biju spiests izmantot googlefolk tmfolk vietaa, un ka juus esat taadi truu un frostbitten grim blekuchi, ka pat naktiis nespamojat, jums shitaa pauna, nah:


ja ir jau bijis, jo labaak


p.s. pirmaa video dziesmas nosaukums/piedz ir "Sex is in me" :D
Labāk palika? ;)
beidzot sakariiga muuzika
Lielais O jau tuvojas
Pšol nahuj, Immortal vienīgie spārda dirsu no meža biezokņa \m/

šitas ir klips ar to skrējienu no kalna ?

killers :D:D
Ei tu dirst !

Šitas ir pilnīgs pizģec :D :D :D ruthlessreviews.com/pics5/bm2/bm1.jpg...
paildinot BladeOfDarkness bildi :
Rock out with your cock out!! Really, why say anything else? This photo encapsulates the best of what black metal has given us over the years. The poor guy’s cock n’ balls ripped through his pants, yet in the true spirit of evil, he just kept on rockin’. And why shouldn’t he? Forget the spikes and chains because your cock is as metal as it gets.
Zināms kadrs, Taake :)
A bunch of bitches called Enslaved. :D :D :D
29. Pronounce "Celtic Frost" correctly. ??? Kur prikols ?

48. Pine for the good old days when Pour Some Sugar On Me was a big hit. - a bet labs gabals
23. Divert their CD shipments to the local Jewish community center

ārprāts... :D
32. Sit quietly and applaud politely at a metal show.

ui, ku labs :)
Pour Some Sugar On Me man arī tīri labi patīk, bet tas ir visai zināms fakts, ka trū metālgalvas Def Leppard uzskata par vienu no lielākiem selloutiem ever, kas no solīda NWOBHM savos sākumos pārgāja uz šitādām cukorotām popdziesmām.
Nu, tas metāls ar viņiem sākumā nebija nekāds smagais. Turklāt muzikālu tie albumi ir visai švaki. Tāpopsa džekiem daudz labāk padevās (un padodas). Par sellout gan nevaru piekrist - kā nekā džeki pēc topa albuma izdošanas gadu gaidīja, kamēr buņģieris atveseļosies un tikai tad devās tūrē un ierakstu studijā ... Pačot i uvažuha džekiem.
NU BL@@@

KVIST FOR KUNSTEN MAA VI EVIG VIKE ku lielas kruutis !!!!


un man naak cieminji


ok, Vondur nav kruutis, tas vairaak no to fragile breastless elven ladies seerijs, he he, kiber tikai ehehe
bladeofdarkness - prikols ir tajā, ka pareizi ir jāizrunā keltik frost. :D
Es vislaik saku Seltik Frost ... po, paši brazīļi Supultura sauc par Sepultūru ...

tas pats Gredzenu Pavēlniekā - visi elfu vārdi ar C = K

Nav nekāds Celeborns, ir Keleborns, Celgorms ir Kelegorms, even Carcharoth - protams ar K

un tu tak nesak celti, bet Ķelti
Po kā es saku - angļu valodā pirmo "C" parasti izrunākā kā "S" ...
Cow (govs) - sāv
Coffee (kafija) - soffī
Cat (kaķis) - sat
Cash (piķis) - seš
Carrot (burkāns) - serrot
Car (mašīna) - sār
Utt. utjp.

Nu, gan tu dod - vēl skaitās Angļu ģimnāziju pabeidzis. :DDD

Apmeklēt skolu un mācīties skolā ir divas dažādas lietas ...
nopeerc tildes biroju ^^
daargs, bet es atradu vecu 2002 ins_cdr jaacer ka nebuus sapeleejis vai ka radioaktiivais (plastmas-nah)
karsh vel nav saacies
man spamoja, ka buus karsh peec kura cd-atskanjotaajaparatuur vairs nestraadaashot, a mosh nekaada vairs, laazer juhaazer
Ja ja ahaha (pabeidzu RAĢ ar zelt medaļu, visu mūžu lielīšos)
Ciniķi arī sākumā bija kiniķi
no kinos = suns
Tas par to RAĢ bija BoD'am domāts. Tie ar "S" izrunājamie laikam kaut kādi latīņu cilmes vārdi pārsvarā.
Ta nē, fiška ir tāda, ka, neņemot vērā dažus izņēmumus, c kā s izrunā, ja sekojošais patskanis ir šaurais, t.i. i vai e, savukārt pirms a, u, o - c izrunā kā k. Sprancūziski ar tāpat laikam bij.

Par Celtic Frost dzirdēta fiška bij, bet es ar saku seltik. Tur āķis varētu būt tas, ka tas no citas valodas nācis. Cruachan arī pareizi jāizrunā kā Kruahan...

(nu jā, ceiling arī apalm uzrakstīji, tā kā ar to apmeklēšanu varbūt nav nemaz tik pārspīlēts... ;))
lol, pats iekš "aplam" burtus vietām sajaucu...
Angļu alfabētu kāds zin - Ei, Bī, Sī, Dī ... Par tiem Latīņu aizguviem tā varētu būt, bet cik zinu, latīniski izrunā kā "c". Huļiš nerakstīt "K", ja jāizrunā kā "K".

P.S. Pamēģiniet izrunāt Cruachan nevis ar "K", bet ar "S" :D
haha, trve saraksts >:)
Rap: Unusual interest in ancestry
Black metal: Unusual interest in ancestry

vot šitais gan dīvaini, jo tak vispābā lack of interest in ancestry is considered to be unusual!
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