, 2017. gada 16. novembrī, plkst. 13:50
Pirmās grupas tiks paziņotas 30.novembrī.

Biļetes nopērkamas jau tagad www.kilkimzaibu.com/en/tickets...

KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX – journey to a parallel world
Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX invites you to connect all of your weirdest dreams and unfulfilled desires to one chain and experience a journey to a new world together. Every one of us has his/her own world of illusions. Our aim is to unite all these illusions into one stream which would lead to the culmination of the most memorable weekend of the summer. Be rebellious, active, offer, join us, participate – you can be the spark of alternative fire.
Restless and incendiary festival KILKIM ŽAIBU suggests the journey to the world which has no time limits, the journey to the space where Your music is cool and well-perceived, the journey to the place where You can be yourself with people who are close to You.
Linking the traditions and alternative art, festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX will take place on June 28-30, 2018, near the lake Lūkstas coast in town of Varniai, Lithuania.
Though the festival is happening for almost twenty years, there still are lots of people who have just discovered it. With every year there is more and more amazement and rumours about it. Although festival is taking place in Lithuania, for many people it seems unreachable because of abyss of different outlook. For others everything is vice versa, they cross half of the world just to get into this unique world of KILKIM ŽAIBU.
The urge to go back to the roots every time and the eagerness to explore modern tendencies fostered this festival to one of the most unique phenomena in Baltic region. Festival‘s spectrum is extremely wide, from ancient culture and lifestyle to forms of contemporary dark art. And we don‘t want to answer the question, why everything is like that. It is enough to know that we care so madly to come back to this thundering opening of the summer, which is brimming with fierce, fire, thunder and the most extreme rock‘n‘roll of all times!
Forthcoming KILKIM ŽAIBU is going to maintain last year‘s extent and take a step forward. The action will happen for three days and three nights with two professional stages, rich ancient program, lots of versatile bands of Alternative/Extreme music from many different countries; the lineup will surely contain world-famous names! The festival promises not to forget its true fans and also to become attractive for those searching for fresh experiences.
First names – on November 30 already!
The most faithful friends of the festival have the possibility to purchase the tickets already.
After the first bands the price of the ticket will increase. Be ready for the journey to the parallel world and follow the information here.

, 2017. gada 17. novembrī, plkst. 18:52
Mēs laikam visi piederam pie 7. kategorijas :)

, 2017. gada 17. novembrī, plkst. 20:16
Nekad neiazmirsīšu zibeņošanu virs ezera. Bet par pupiem domas joprojām dalās.
, 2017. gada 30. novembrī, plkst. 10:21
, 2017. gada 30. novembrī, plkst. 11:22
Par Thyrfing liels prieks - sen jau cerēju, ka šos atvilks ! HAVUKRUUNU un SAOR ar nav ne vainas

We present you the first KŽ-19 bands with a pleasure.

Swedish Metal pride THYRFING today is a great example of genuinely cherishing the genre, never stopping to search for creative depths and not becoming shallow, easily digestible product. THYRFING is 100% strong elixir for gourmets of Black Viking Metal. Existing more than 20 years, the band has released 7 amazing albums, and has a lot of followers. Both critics and fans consider this band one of the most solid in the genre. THYRFING stand out because of their verity and frankness. In their lyrics, THYRFING not only sing about Scandinavian mythology, which is quite usual for this genre, but they also contemplate on modern people and the fact that it becomes normal to be dead inside and not to truly experience one’s life. Talking about the musical side, their music producer is Jens Borgen, the man behind the wall of sound production on Amon Amarth, Opeth and Paradise Lost albums. THYRFING concerts are extremely rare and in accurately selected events. We are glad that the band finds KILKIM ŽAIBU attractive and their performance will take an honourable place in our program.

SAOR – conquerors of the Atmospheric Folk‘s fans hearts from Scotland. SAOR‘s music – uniquely elegant, refreshing and richly expressed. This band is multi-instrumentalist’s Andy Marshall’s child, which conveys the harmony of Celtic Folk and Black Metal. Until we found them, they have released three albums. And now, on the Kilkim Žaibu 19 stage, they will show you that “Folk” metal isn’t only about drunk trolls and polka rhythms. It also could be a deep Folk contemplation united with modern Black Metal sound. We hope, that you will feel it too.

APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA – successful and intriguing combination of heavyweight Doom and elegant Medieval music from Sweden. Metal critics have already mentioned their new album in tops of 2017. Lodged between medieval times and modern metal, APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA weaves a faceted tapestry of music. The tones of ancient drone instruments entwines with heavy guitars and music separated by over 800 years meet. The songs tell of flagellants, plague doctors, tales of hell, the meaninglessness of war and of suffering; they are all chapters in the bands grimoire. To balance it out they also shine a light on medieval art, science and enlightenment.

MENTOR – a real energetic bomb from Poland! The first impression could remind of Kvelertak but don‘t get it wrong! These guys make it faster, heavier, and more assertive! In times when the majority tend to categorize music by coming up with the most bizarre tags and shoving it all the way through pigeon holes, MENTOR's blasphemous and straightforward emanation of heavy music's essential traits appears like a spit in the face. Enforcing the idea of “a sonic porn for those who like it fast and heavy”, “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy”, Mentor's debut full-length offering is a highly explosive cauldron merging the elements of black/thrash metal, hardcore punk and plain rock'n'roll.

HAVUKRUUNU – a “coniferous crown” from Finland. This is the translation of band’s name from their native language, which is also used in lyrics. This promising team is even compared to Moonsorrow, and this is not without reasons. HAVUKRUUNU are not less dark, poetic, triumphant and sincere than their country mates. Blending together smashing Pagan Black Metal and Atmospheric acoustic Folk, these Finnish guys do not forget about wild Heavy Metal vibe. This way they create an atmosphere of aggressive majesty, which stays inside the listener for a long time. HAVUKRUUNU is yet a new band but already with simply undeniable power and simplistic ambiance which encompasses everything needed for you to desire to listen to their albums for hundreds of times.

These are just the first names. Musical program of the festival will be really diverse. There are going to be two professional stages arranged, which eclectically will present you music from ancient folk to the most extreme metal. The festival will consist of more than 30 bands from various countries, there will also be world-famous names!

The cheapest tickets to the festival (30 €) could be purchased for the last time on December 2nd in club PELĖDA (Vilnius), during winter metal festival VILKŲ ŽIEMA 4!


Tickets online now cost 35 €.
Family ticket now costs 55 €.

We recommend you acquire tickets in advance because the price will rise in short time.
, 2017. gada 1. decembrī, plkst. 19:59
Par pupiem jau normāli, ka domas dalās, vismaz divās daļās, jo pupi parasti ir divi.
, 2017. gada 2. decembrī, plkst. 01:48
Var gadīties nepāra skaits. Tiesa, vairāk par divi tikai Marsa iestādēs, kā rādās.
, 2017. gada 4. decembrī, plkst. 17:19
Nakts pasaciņa. Par marsiešiem. Un ko aukstāku.
Man katrā KŽ ir savs pupu tops. Tik viss jau aizmirsies :-)
, 2017. gada 16. decembrī, plkst. 18:08

No 1.janvāra, Senlatvijā alkohols līdzņemšanai tiek tirgots no 10:00-20:00 un personām, kas sasniegušas 20 gadu vecumu !

Ja vēl nav zināms, tad Lietuvas benzīntankos alkoholu netirgo vispār.

Un šogad, no Viļņas alus festa braucot, MaXXXimā biedram atteicās pārdot alkoholu, ar pamatojumu, ka izskatās iekapājas (plika diršana, protams, jo viņš kopš 6:00 nebija dzēris). Nācās izglābt draugu un samaksāt par viņa alkoholu.
, 2017. gada 18. decembrī, plkst. 08:44
Man arī stāstīja par to, ka iedzērušam var alko netirgot. Teica arī, ka it kā visiem doķi prasot, kaut arī atnācis 90gadīgs vectēvs.
, 2017. gada 18. decembrī, plkst. 09:15
doķi gan neprasīja
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 22:24
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 23:00
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 23:11
^ nu tipa jā - Deivida Vincenta grupa, kas spēlē Morbid Angel gabalus. Visai negaidīts jaunums, jāteic.
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 23:12
We are psyched to announce a special guests on KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX stage - David Vincent, legendary American vocalist and bassist (ex-Morbid Angel) with his new band I AM MORBID!

I AM MORBID will perform hymns from the first four Morbid Angel albums: “Altars of Madness” (1989), “Blessed Are the Sick” (1991), “Covenant” (1993) and “Domination” (1995), in the best traditions of Morbid Angel.

The members of band are the former rhythm section of Morbid Angel (David Vincent and Tim Yeung on drums), and two also well-known metal guitarists Bill Hudson (Circle II Circle, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and Ira Black (Metal Church, Lizzy Borden).

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the “God of Emptiness” David Vincent & Co. at Kilkim Žaibu XIX, on Saturday, 30 June!
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 23:24
Lab, ka ne ar savu kantrī prodžektu :D
, 2017. gada 19. decembrī, plkst. 23:26
^ Ar kantrī prodžektu uz Bausku!
, 2017. gada 20. decembrī, plkst. 12:00
Pec darba tautas luguma, lieku ieksha pilnu linku ar informaciju no festivala lapas :)





un speciali tiem, kas doma, vai verts braukt vai ne - te ir setliste, kas ieplanota koncertam, ta teikt "da best ov Morbid Angel" :)

Immortal Rites
Fall from Grace
Visions from the Dark Side
Blessed Are the Sick
Day of Suffering
Pain Divine
Sworn to the Black
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
I Am Morbid
Maze of Torment
Where the Slime Live
Dawn of the Angry
Blood on My Hands
God of Emptiness
World of Shit (The Promised Land)
, 2017. gada 20. decembrī, plkst. 13:00
a ko, Radikult nebūs? :D

Bet vispār jāsāk domāt par pirmreizējo KŽ apmeklējumu.
, 4. janvārī, plkst. 13:39
, 4. janvārī, plkst. 14:56
^ Ja pareizi saprotu, tad ar interpretāciju par 90to gadu daiļradi.
, 4. janvārī, plkst. 15:19
konkrēti ''Ånden som gjorde opprør'' (1995)

In festival KILKIM ŽAIBU the gates to parallel world will be opened by MORTIIS, a Norwegian expert of Ambient/Darkwave! The pioneer of dark dungeon music will present the reinterpretation of already legendary album "Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør" released by Cold Meat Industry.
, 4. janvārī, plkst. 15:20
laikam būs pārbliezis gotiem dancājamā versijā :D
, 5. janvārī, plkst. 14:32
^ pa hodu nē, ja būs kā Cold Meat Industry jubīlī pērnā gada nogalē

, 5. janvārī, plkst. 15:06
šito pēc 1:00 - lai labāk miegs nāk
, 9. janvārī, plkst. 15:23
Apocalypse Orchestra ir tīri labs Folk/Doom

, 1. februārī, plkst. 10:04
, 1. februārī, plkst. 10:16
Zajebišče !
, 1. februārī, plkst. 11:26
, 15. februārī, plkst. 13:44
, 15. februārī, plkst. 18:33
Ukrainian alternative art assembly at KILKIM ZAIBU XIX

One of the main themes of KILKIM ŽAIBU festival this year is strengthening of friendship between live history enthusiasts and alternative art creators from the Baltic countries and Ukraine. We will develop cultural exchanges, examine the links between Ukraine and Baltic countries in history, lifestyle, mythology and symbolism. To analyze the ethnic identity of Balts, Scandinavians and Slavs we will demonstrate the similarities and differences of the tribes.

Performers of various alternative genres were selected to represent Ukraine in the festival.

The first representatives are the most striking Ukrainian metal band NOKTURNAL MORTUM. The band's latest album " Істина" has received album of the year award in Ukrainian metal music awards in 2017. The same album was mentioned in a lot of top lists of black metal critics around the world.

 NOKTURNAL MORTUM is hard to fit into a frame of a single genre - for over 20 years the band has been braiding the vines of black, folk, symphonic, pagan styles even adding progressive and post-rock spices. What's great is that everything, every chord and sound is in its place, it's impossible to remove or add anything. These musicians are able to rely only on their creative instincts, not on defined canons.

JORYJ KŁOC - An emotional opposite from the aforementioned representatives of dark arts. This is an extremely positive and cheerful quartet from Lvov that performs its energetic performances using traditional instruments of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania in immortal style of rock'n'roll and even drum'n'bass.
These Ukrainians have been getting along with enthusiasts of ancient traditions in Lithuania for some time now, therefore JORYJ KŁOC will play two renditions of Lithuanian songs in their style during the performance in the festival.

KZOHH - shamans of black metal and ambient rituals captivate with atmospheric keyboards and electronic sounds that flutter in the air like disturbing phantoms. The band delves into dark themes and stories of the middle ages and presents them with an extremely distinctive engagement of listeners into the meditative abyss of dark art.

WHITE WARD is another unique musical event from Ukraine in recent years, not only in metal, but in whole music scene. Depressive black metal, catchy jazz landscapes and sophisticated electronic spices - WHITE WARD travels through the darkest strangest images of human consciousness. Alternate art news hunters already mention the name of the band in their favorite album lists and predict a bright future for it.

 In addition to the aforementioned musical collectives, live history enthusiasts from Ukraine who will showcase the antique crafts will also come to the festival and present their X-XII century ethnic costumes, participate in games. It may be that the Ukrainian Cossacks will test their strength not only in friendly competitions, but also in the battle ring in order for us to be able to assess the similarities and differences between the lifestyle and warfare of Balts and Slavs.

We would like to remind you that festival will take place during the last weekend of June in Varniai.
Tickets will get more expensive from March 1.

For more information on the festival visit the official website www.kilkimzaibu.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/kilkimzaibu/...

Band videos:




, aizvakar, plkst. 09:29
Kārtīga Ukrainas intervence - pie šiem varēs cūku galvas un speķa rikas vicināt:


, aizvakar, plkst. 11:28
Nevarēs. Šie tur komentāros pie tā klipa jau dirsu skūpsta kaut kādam kamieļdrāzējam, kuru atkal dziesmas nosaukums aizvainojis: sak, mēs jau neko sliktu, mums daudz draugu musulmaņu. Kā jau parasti. Saldie puisēni maigi pozē ar B.C. Rich ģitārām un mēģina nosēsties vienlaicīgi uz 2 krēsliem - iepatikties mataino publikai un neaizvainot sistēmu. Tipa, ņemam lāpas un benzīnkannu un dodamies fočēties pie baznīcas, bet svētdien - turpat ar vecākiem uz misi un izsūdzēt grēkus.
, aizvakar, plkst. 13:55
Ukrainā teksts par to, ka "mums ir draugi musulmaņi", nav nodeva politkorektumam: Krimas tatāri ir tradicionāli sunnīti (lai gan ne pārāk uzkrītoši, tomēr skaitās sunnīti, apmēram tā kā pie mums visi latgaļi un suiti vairāk vai mazāk skaitās vēsturiski katoļi, pat ja nav mūsdienās praktizējoši). Tā kā Ukrainā visiem ir personisku čomu vidū gan melnās drēbēs staigājoši jūdaisti, gan bārdaini islāmticīgie. Kaut vai Nokturnal Mortum bundzinieka senčos arī bijuši Krimas islāmticīgie.
, aizvakar, plkst. 14:51
Izskatās, ka šogad Kilkims būs jāzilaiž. Manuprāt, festivāla sastāvs tāds pašķidr, galīgi nepārliecina. Ja nu vēl gadās laikapstākļi kā pagāsgad... Novirzīšu līdzekļus cita festivāla apmeklējumam.
, aizvakar, plkst. 21:16
Tagad cūku galvas vicina arī pie popsas? o_O
, vakar, plkst. 10:07
Ja šitas ir pašķidrs sastāvs, tad nevaru iedomāties, kāds skaitās nešķidrs - šogad jau velk uz 2014.gada līmeni un tik puse grupu izziņotas: www.kilkimzaibu.com/en/kilkim-zaibu/chr...

APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA - ŠvedijaFolk Doom Metalas
HAVUKRUUNU - SuomijaPagan Black Metalas
I AM MORBID - Jungtinės Amerikos ValstijosDeath Metalo Legenda
IGNEA - UkrainaPažangus Simfoninis Metalas
JORYJ KŁOC - UkrainaEtninis Folk Rokas
KZOHH - UkrainaBlack Metalo Ritualai
MENTOR - LenkijaPunk Black Thrash Metalas
MORTIIS - NorvegijaAmbient Darkwave
MYRKUR - DanijaBlack Metalo Elegancija
NOKTURNAL MORTUM - UkrainaSimfoninis Folk Black Metalas
SAOR - Anglija / ŠkotijaAtmosferinis Folk Black Metalas
THE AEON - SuomijaPsichodelinis Folkloras
THYRFING - ŠvedijaViking Black Metalas
WHITE WARD - UkrainaPažangus Black Metalas
ŽALVARINIS - LietuvaFolk rokas
, vakar, plkst. 12:43
Protams, tas ir subjektīvi, kuras grupas kam patīk, bet cik saportu tad headlineri jau ir zināmi - Myrkur, I am Morbid, Mortiis. (Viena koverbanda, un pārējās es neietu klausīties, ja man peimaksātu)

Vienīgās grupas, kuras tiešām vēlētos redzēt dzīvajā un attaisnotu braucienu ir HAVUKRUUNU, SAOR, THYRFING, NOKTURNAL MORTUM (2x redzēti) . Viena vai divas grupas par maz.

Turpretī, 2014. gadā bija WARDRUNA, ROTTING CHRIST, ASPHYX, MOONSORROW, DESTRÖYER 666, ENDSTILLE, arī SKYFORGER bija forši ar vecajiem gabaliem.

Šogad pietiks ar mūsu pašu Zobens un Lemess, lai izbaudītu senās tradīcijas, ielīgot utt. Un nu pat jau piedāvā tikpat labas grupas festivālā Moonsorrow, Cruachan, Metsatöl.
, vakar, plkst. 23:07
^ nu no tiem nosauktajiem 2014. gada māksliniekiem arī neredzēti bija tikai Wardruna, Asphyx un Endstille, no kuriem vieni neinteresē vispār, tātad paliek tās pašas 1-2 grupas :D
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